Prof. Dr. Petra (Fiß) Perner (IAPR Fellow) and Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA)

Petra Perner is the director of the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences IBaI and since 2020 of the FutureLab Artificial Intelligence_IBaI_II. Under her leadership the institute developed to one of the leading institutes in basic and applied research in computer vision, data mining, machine learning, case-based reasoning and image databases.
She received a diploma degree in electrical engineering and a PhD degree in computer science. Her PhD thesis is about "Data Reduction Methods for Industrial Robots with Direct Teach-in-Programing" and her habilitation thesis is about "A Methodology for the Development of Knowledge-Based Image-Interpretation Systems".

Under her guidance highly qualified national and international personnel got trained in the above mentioned high-technology fields through research projects and education programs.
The tutorial on Data Mining ( is a recognized tutorial among the domain experts and is especially designed for training industrial people on hot topics in data mining. She gave courses on Data Mining and Image Interpretation at different universities in various countries.

Prof. Perner has been the project leader and principal investigator of various national and international research projects for which she received several research awards. Her projects are marked by the fact that they combine high-class research with the aspect of application. She has been often invited as a guest professor for knowledge-based imageinspection systems by national and international institutes and companies.

She supervised the foundation of two high-technology companies named ibai solutions ( and ImageInterpret GmbH ( whose teams received 4 distinct business prices for transferring image-interpretation and data-mining methods to industry.

Prof. Perner was the principal founder and chairwoman of the Technical Committee "Machine Learning and Data Mining" and is the chairwoman of three distinct conferences in Machine Learning, Data Mining and High-Content Analysis of Signals and Images called MLDM (, ICDM ( and MDA (

Prof. Perner has an extensive editorial and reviewing service. She was on the Editorial Board of several International Journals and the Vize Editor of one International Journal. She organized four Special Issues and is now the Editor of three Journals (Transactions on Machine Learning and Data Mining, Transaction on Case-Based Reasoning, Transactions on Mass Data Analysis,

Presently she is working on various medical, chemical and biomedical applications, information management applications, technical diagnosis and ecommerce applications. Most of the developments are protected by legal patent rights and can be licensed to qualified industrial companies. She has published numerous scientific publications and patents and is often requested as a plenary speaker in distinct research fields as well as across disciplines.

Her vision is to build intelligent flexible and robust data-interpreting systems that are inspired by the human case-based reasoning process.

For her contributions to image interpretation by developing methods for case-based reasoning, machine learning and data mining, she was awarded as IAPR Fellow in 2006.

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My microprocessor-based robot path-control - developed by myself